Mazda R100

Pictured this mazda R100 fitted with a 12A bridgeport, runnning Blackbox ecu, making 160 RWHP.


Toyota corolla

Pictured this toyota corolla fitted with 12A turbo, running Haltech ecu.


Datsun 1200 ute HRDWRK

Pictured this datsun 1200 ute has a 13B bridgeport turbo engine. Running a Blackbox ecu, run in tune made 330HP.


Datsun 1200 coupe FATSUN

Pictured this datsun 1200 coupe runs a microtech ecu with a CA18.


Mazda Rx7

Pictured this series 1 rx7 13B NA bridgeport, runs a Blackbox ecu, making 180 RWHP.


Mazda capella

Pictured this mazda capella 13B NA bridgeport, microtech ecu, making 210 RWHP.


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