Mazda R100 HYP001

Pictured this red mazda R100 has 13B bridge port turbo, with a microtech ecu installed.


Mazda rx3 OLDRX3

Pictured this mazda rx3 sedan complete with a 13B turbo mild ported engine, running 98 pump fuel making 380 RWHP.


Mazda rx2 sedan

Pictured this mazda rx2 with 13B bridge port turbo engine, Blackbox ecu running on C16 fuel made 530 RWHP.


Mazda rx3 coupe

Pictured this blue rx3 coupe with a 12A turbo, Blackbox ecu made 380 RWHP, on 98 pump fuel.


Mazda rx3

Pictured this mazda rx3 sedan has a 20B rotary mild ported turbo engine installed, Blackbox ecu, 750 RWHP, 26 psi.


Datsun 1200 coupe 8MYCSH

Pictured this datsun 1200 coupe with a 13B mild port engine, Blackbox ecu making 440 RWHP.


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